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What does a girl with theatre degree from Northwestern University do in a recession? Make theatre with unsuspecting little Korean children of course.

Once a week over two months, four charming snot buckets wrote, acted in, and assistant directed their very own play. And all of it in English. And, I swear, I barely helped at all. This was an unexpected class that I taught, but I man-handled my way around the office until I got them to agree with how I wanted the class to go. I would not force them to write about what I wanted them to rather than what they wanted to. I would not write the drama for them, perhaps the speech is a little less than perfect but they wrote it. And I would not, would not, would not perform it for parents. Having a final product is very important for the parents, too important. It’s actually probably more important than the actual class and what their students learn (yes, I have judgement oozing out of my fingers right now). So, this video is the best of both worlds solution: the students get to perform their work and see it performed and there was no pressure, plus their parents get that final performance/confirmation that their children are speaking English that they so crave.

One of the most rewarding parts of it all? Seeing Kevin’s (the Baby Crow) face light up in one of the most genuine little smiles I’ve ever seen every time I mention this movie. Seriously, it’s an amazing sight.

So, here it is. The Mean Crow and the Lady Crow (yes, the title is different in the video-it’s a slightly outdated version). Enjoy it. Savor it. And be generally dazzled at the beauty of children and their willingness to play whenever they are given the chance.

Rock on, theatre, rock on.


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Happy Birthday to My Mom’y!

I forgot last year. I figured I should try to make up for it.
Here you go, Maman.

I didn’t forget this time.
Happy Birthday. I love you.

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Yes, we have been away for a while.

My family visited over Christmas break.
We have been working on a new, non-food-centric website.
The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and sleep has been a priority.

But we are back and to get us back up and rolling here is a silly, little video involving South Korea’s latest craze from infants to ajummas: Tamiflu.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve been taking a break from blogging over the holidays while Anna’s family has been in town, but I thought I’d share something fun with you. For Christmas I sent a video to my family wishing them a Merry Christmas from all my students. The classes in the video are my two kindergarten classes Apple and Pear, Super Tots, Fly High 2, Reach Out 3, and Treasures 2.1. If all the Christmas is a little too much for you, I recommend skipping ahead to 3:58 to see some worthwhile bloopers that also help explain the difficulties of teaching young children.

Merry Christmas from SLP from Seoulful Adventures on Vimeo.

Videography and editing by Andre Francisco. Music by The New Standards

I hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas!

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The pinks just starting to come out
Photo by Anna Waigand.

Coming from the Midwest, I didn’t always get the freshest of seafood (except for whitefish livers in Bayfield, Wisc.). But the ring of restaurants around the towering Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan offered many opportunities to get fresh seafood whether you wanted it caught that morning, raw or still alive. After being heckled by women with only the most necessary English skills, we settled on a place with English labeled pictures above the doorway. We think the restaurant is named Sharjeong Sharkkomjangeo (살청 살껌정어), but the sign isn’t totally clear.

We decided we weren’t ready to try stir-fried hagfish, but “a shrimp roasted” sounded pretty good. Our waitress placed a heavy pan with a sheet of tinfoil covered in a think layer of coarse salt on our counter-top burner. She let it heat up as she brought us some appetizers including raw conch shell.

Photo by Anna Waigand.

Neither Anna or I had eaten conch before, but Greg recommended it and our server was insistent. She dug the grey and black animals out of their shells with a tooth pick, dipped them in hot sauce and then, arm outstretched, forced them on us. See Anna’s on-the-spot video review.

Busan: Eating Raw Conch from Seoulful Adventures on Vimeo.

Click for more of the review and another video

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Hagfish: Skinned, slimey and still alive
Photo by Anna Waigand

When I first saw them they were just tubes of raw, pink flesh frantically writhing in a shallow red bowl. No skin, no scales, no head. Just a line of pink flesh with a white lattice of fat woven into it. In a couple of seconds, the slithering turned into an infrequent twitching, and then it joined the pink pile of now dead hagfish.

One narrow street of the Jagalchi Fish Market is where all the hagfish sellers seem to congregate. The method for killing hagfish is just as disgusting as the fish. Each hagfish seller has a board with a round peg that sits in a hole in one end. They take a live hagfish, stick their head under the peg and crush it into the hole. With the fish still moving, they do a couple of quick knife swipes to seperate it from its skin and organs. (Hagfish hides are actually made into leather as it turns out.) The fish are then tossed into a pile of their recently dead friends. To see the process for yourself, check out the video.

Hagfish: God’s Grossest Creatures from Seoulful Adventures on Vimeo.

Video by Andre Francisco. Editing by Anna Waigand.

You probably haven’t heard of hagfish before because almost no one but Koreans eat them. And why don’t they eat them? Maybe because they’re mud dwelling scavengers that burrow their way into nearly-dead fish that fall to the bottom of the sea and then eat their way out, even if the fish are still alive. Or maybe it’s because their other name is the slime eel because their defense mechanism is to produce a mucus that turns into unbelievable quantities of slime when mixed with water. Slime that suffocates other fish who eat them.

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We are humbled

Awhile ago we posted about our adventure with more advanced hotel room cooking. Then Anna’s dad sent her this video of some truly amazing hotel room cooking to cheer her up over Gourmet magazine closing.

We are humbled. Anna and I hope to do a lot more traveling, and we want to do some cooking of this caliber in a future hotel. If we do we will make sure to show you the results.

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