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Things that have happened in my classes in the last two days.

1. A 10-year-old and one of my smartest students said that South Korean superstar Rain looked fat in this picture from an article in the Korea Times. Rain is staring in a new movie from the makers of The Matrix called Ninja Assassin. In the article Rain talks about training for six hours a day for six months lifting 220 lbs weights and achieving a ridiculous and unhealthy 0 percent body fat. She said he was too “thick” and too “fat”. Most of his “thickness” is clearly muscle, but she then said that she wanted men to be weak so she could “boss them around the house.” Wow.

2. Then my class of 4-year-old kindergarteners mimed to me that they wanted me to tear my own eyes out, eat them, regurgitate them back up, form them into balls and then shove them back into my own eye sockets. One began to tell me this through hand motions and then they all joined in. Think about if someone had told you this with descriptive words instead of hand motions. And then laughed hysterically as they did it, and all their buddies joined in. You would slowly back out of the room. Maybe they gave me the class of psychopaths with no empathy. Or maybe that is just how 4-year-olds roll. Either way, I might need to arm myself in case they begin to carry out their plan.


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