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Kimchikahn – A Kimchi Documentary

Though the stereotype is that foreigners are initially put off by kimchi, we both loved it as soon as we got here. It is different every place we get it, and we’ve begun to develop tastes for exactly how we like it. I like the spicier variety as opposed to the more vinegar heavy kind. We both love it grilled, and it can make for an interesting mandu.

So I was excited to see a trailer for the new documentary Kimchikahn over on Seoul Eats. The documentary looks at the deep ties that kimchi has to Korean culture and how now it is a vital force in their economy. For those who haven’t had it, kimchi really is as unique as the trailer makes it seem. And I completely agree with the line from the trailer that says kimchi is like pistachios – as soon as you start eating it you can’t stop. Good thing it is usually as-much-as-you-can-eat when you get it at restaurants.

You can check out photos from a dinner for the documentary at Seoul Eats and also check out the documentary’s homepage.


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