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Ironman 2 is apparently much simpler than meets the eye. At least, according to a first grader of mine, it is pretty straight forward and as he says, “Very good, Miss Anna, Ironman 2 very good!”

Every Friday, I help four students write letters to their e-pals and at the same time I aid two boys write their own stories. William has recently gotten into the groove of writing summaries rather than originals. Now, he doesn’t know what a summary is, exactly, nor does he know that if he claimed these stories to be his own they would be plagiarism. But if you can’t plagiarize as a first grader, when can you?

So, for the past few Fridays I have gotten thrillingly straightforward, yet grammatically stilted one-page stories of scared Pokemonsters, blazing blue Avatars, and, most recently, deadly Ironmen. It’s this most recent story that I will share with you today because when I read it, I was amazed at the simplicity that William brought to the story. It somehow lands on all the directly important pieces of the plot and yet still shows the movie through the eyes of a 6-year-old boy who saw the movie in English with Korean subtitles.

Ironman 2 as presented to you by William


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