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Dog on the table

It took us awhile to find it in the bustling neighborhood of Hongik University, but once we found it we were ecstatic. The sounds of the Bau House cafe’s main attraction echoed down the stairwell and Anna could barely control her excitement as we went up the elevator.

We opened the door to a room full of barking, energetic wonder. Thirty dogs jogged and barked around a square room ringed with scratched up booths and sturdy tables. As if we had walked into one of the trendy restaurants in the neighborhood, our name was put on the wait list for a booth. Scattered on the tables were coffee and milk shakes, all with lids, and a stack of toilet paper, lint rollers and spray bottles filled a center island – a necessary arsenal to clean up after 30 dogs all day. In about 15 minutes we were seated, and then the fun began. Check out the video to see the rest.

Bow Wow at the Bau House: A dog lover’s cafe from Seoulful Adventures on Vimeo.
Videography by Andre Francisco. Editing by Anna Waigand.

You can see more photos from our Flickr set at Bau House.
And as often happens with translations into English, it is unclear whether this cafe is called Bau House or Bau Haus as it often appears in both spellings. We’ve gone with Bau House.


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