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Nothing says classy like a drink in a bag, but at Vinyl in Hongdae it’s the hot item on the menu. We first read about Vinyl on SeoulEats.com and decided to give it a go.

Drinks in a bag
Photo by Andre Francisco

We stood in a long line of mostly foreigners all looking at the menu: a half Korean, half English list of drinks in a raggedy flip photo album. After ordering, we watched the bartender mix up our cocktail in a sturdy Ziploc baggy. There are no measurements and each drink has a drastically different amount of alcohol in it. When it was all in, the baggy was zipped shut, shaken (never stirred), opened slightly to squeeze a straw through, then passed over to us for a mere 4-5,000 won.

After that it’s up to you for what your night will entail. Perhaps this is a drink to tide you over until you find the next bar. Or maybe it’s to sip on in the park while watching the house band, Soundbox, rock out. Or maybe it’s just a simple start for an enjoyable walk around Hongdae.

A few complaints were the lack of lime in a Cuba Libre and the lack of gin in any of the drinks.

Either way here are a few tips:
1. Expect a line. There’s expats. There’s booze. You do the math.
2. There is a seated area inside, but it is miniscule.
3. Check what alcohols are in the drink and the variety. The larger the number of different alcohols, the stronger the drink.
4. The Long Island Iced Tea is a true Long Island. It’s strong. Beware and enjoy.


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