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Well, that hiatus was a bit longer than we had thought it would be. Andre’s family came to visit then before we knew it we were in the Philippines having the time of our lives. And now we have about three weeks before we pop this joint and head on a 4 month trip from Bangkok to Budapest.

Here’s just a smidgen of photos from our latest adventure to show you what we’ve been up to before we start posting more and keeping you posted on all of our culinary (and non-culinary) adventures!

This side of Paradise Absolute paradise (and I swear this photo has not been altered in any way. It’s just that gorgeous.)

Choco-Banana Shake, a good book, sunshine Some downtime on Apo Island, Negros, Philippines

Mango shake, a good book, sunshine The mango shake was a favorite treat on our trip. Delicious!

Just relax Finally, away from Korean beers and to some actually decent ones!

Ready and waiting


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